Agena Bioscience® provides fast oncology solutions that deliver results for more samples in just over eight hours. Implementing the MassARRAY® System as a complementary technology to NGS testing for tumor profiling shifts the current paradigm, providing several benefits for labs and customers.

This white paper details how oncology solutions from Agena can enhance your existing workflow for tumor profiling and improve your lab’s overall performance with:

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    Faster Turnaround Times - Detect all the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) biomarkers with results available in just over eight hours post-DNA extraction.

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    Enhanced Tumor Profiling - With an average QNS rate of <2%, the MassARRAY enables labs to obtain genetic results for more tumor samples.

  • Streamlined Workflow - By incorporating MassARRAY as the initial step, you can optimize your workflow and streamline sample processing.

Agena Oncology Whitepaper
Agena Oncology Whitepaper

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